Swimwear that floats your boat

Cia Marítima
This Brazilian-origin company can fulfill all of your summer and beach-related needs. As one of the most successful beachwear brands in Brazil, Cia Maritima are looking to make a worldwide impact by keeping on top of international trends and innovating a wider range of styles to cater to all the countries where they operate.

Their beachwear designs are light and fun and ultimately perfect for the tropical Singapore weather. What's more, is that every piece is versatile and can be modified to wear as you see fit - for example, if you're looking to do a casual everyday style, you can easily pair most pieces with other items - shorts, skirts, and more to complete your look!
Right now we are loving the Nila Deep V One Piece Swimsuit. This design is perfect to hit the beach with - while the colour and pattern is overall quite sophisticated, what really sells it for us is the slightly risqué Deep V ladder tie detail which gives the suit an element of fun and flirtatiousness, perfect for a casual, lighthearted summer with friends.