Splash out in colour

Olive Ankara
Olive Ankara's core concept - to create African-inspired designs that are accessible to women of all races - is one that is perfectly suited to the diversity and melting-pot of cultures that is Singapore. These colourful collections fill a void for outfits that are unapologetically bright and joyful - as well as being light, comfortable, and perfectly suited to Singapore weather.

Look at their website for a variety of designs which aren't only limited to clothes - you can also find face masks, hats, jewelry and other accessories. As a self-described 'slow fashion' brand, you can be certain that anything you buy from here will be designed with the utmost dedication to quality and individuality - as well as being low-impact on the environment.
This Chinwe Mini Skirt Infinity Dress in blue and yellow is a gorgeous and eye-catching piece you definitely need to look out for. If you consider yourself a creative soul, this is the perfect dress for you to showcase your inner creativity and originality - this outfit stands out and is really unique in that you have the ability to switch it up each time you put it on.