Pretty Fit
In their own words, prettyFit aims to break down boundaries in order to embrace the idea of a "confident and unconstrained woman", where it doesn't matter who you are, where you come from, or even what your style is. Their wide and varied collection of shoes, bags and accessories allow the buyer to be able to express themselves and their own individually unique style in a way that is on-trend, fashion-forward and empowering.

Aesthetics and comfort are of equal priority for this brand, so there are many inspired and creative designs to choose from, for each and every situation. Sneakers, pumps, wedges, etc: they have them all, and in various shapes, sizes and colours too. There is sure to be an item out there just waiting to be your 'go-to'.
These classic strappy Heidi Heels are a must-have essential in your wardrobe. Corporate or casual, day or night, this versatile pair is the perfect accompaniment to nearly anything.