Hassle-free shopping with Try Before You Buy
Transform your home into the fitting room!
Choose Try Before You Buy at checkout to try-on at home.
Stress free shopping
Unsure if you should get a Small or a Medium? Try both and know for sure! We will bring you all the items you want to try on. Pay only for the items you decide to keep.
Try first, pay later
You don't pay upfront to try-on a pair of jeans in a mall so why do it online.
No hassle of returns
It's ok to change your mind. Get 15 minutes to try-on your items - we'll wait while you decide. Don't fit or suit you? Pass them to our delivery partners and keep what you love. We'll settle the returns. No extra charges.
Next day delivery
Love that dress? We've got you. Our Try@Home service is available for next day delivery Monday to Friday. Or choose a slot that works for you.
Sometimes you simply need to wear an item to know if you really like it.
Brands available for Try Before You Buy at Home
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