Frequently Asked Questions
What is Try Before You Buy (TBYB)?
Try Before You Buy is a new checkout service for e-commerce that allows you to test and try out your purchases in the comfort of your home without any upfront payment! Shoppers will have their items delivered to their homes to try out. Only pay for the items you love! We'll handle all the returns for you.
How does it work?
The whole process is quick and simple!

1. Add items you want to cart
2. Look for the TBYB checkout button
3. Pay the $4.99 Try-On fee ( refunded when you purchase an item)
4. We'll deliver the items right to your doorstep
5. You get a 24 hour try-out window to decide which items to keep. Tap on the Track my Order link in your order confirmation email to pay for the items you want to keep.
6.Tap the return item option if you decide to return any of the items. This will trigger an automatic return request and your items will be picked up. No return forms to fill, no shipping labels to print. No hassle, no extra fees.
Are all items eligible for TBYB?
An item's eligibility for Try Before You Buy will be indicated on the respective product page.
When will my TBYB orders arrive?
TBYB orders are delivered in 1-3 working days. You can track the status of your order via the Track my Order page.
How much time do I get to try-on and decide?
You'll get a 24 hour try-out window to decide if you would like to keep or return the items.
Do I have to pay for returns?
Not all all - repack the item into its original packaging and simply tap the Return option from your Track my Order page! A return shipping ID will be generated. Write this on the packaging and handover to our logistics partner, who will arrive in 1-3 working days.
What are the accepted payment methods?
We accept all major debit and credit cards.
How much is the Try@Home fee?
There is a nominal $4.99 Try-On fee for TBYB orders. However the service is free as long as you purchase one item. Your try-on fee is refunded if one or more items were accepted after try-on (by deducting from payment amount)
Is there a limit to how many items I can order?
Unsure whether to get a size S or M? Can't decide which colour? Try them both! You can order up to 5 items in a single TBYB order.
Brands available for Try Before You Buy at Home
Still have questions?
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