Cheok me out

Weekend Cheoks
Less is more with Weekend Cheoks' footwear collections. Their classical, minimalist designs are simultaneously timeless and modern. What really makes this brand stand out from the rest is that their designs are deliberately pared down to only include the essentials - functionality and comfort are prioritised in every item. They come in subtle warm colours that are perfect for adding a touch of lightness to nearly any occasion, whether it be for casual, everyday use or even for formal events.

Shoes are not the only thing this company offers; if you're looking for a cute cosy knit outfit that will complement your shoes, then check out the cardigans, dresses and tops which are totally sure to please.
Check out these adorable Maryjane Mule flats that give off some serious nostalgic 90's vibes but are still very much on-trend today. The baby pink colour is classically cute and feminine and the straps give it a modern, chic finish.