Buoy up your confidence

Buoy Swim
If you're all about that minimalist lifestyle, then this is for you. This brand is fully committed to the idea of care, which shines through in BuoySwim's range of high-quality, chic designs. Not only do they allow the wearer to feel comfortable in their own skin, but they encourage the wearer to connect and feel at one with nature itself.

Check out their Summer collection for some new and elegant options, which can be worn either as swimwear or even as a bodysuit suitable for everyday wear. The versatility of these pieces are just another example of the brand's admirable commitment to sustainability and care for the environment.
Whilst stylish and elegant can be applied to all of the pieces in this collection, one suit we're really loving right now is The Morocco Suit. This swimsuit design is particularly sleek and romantic and is a definite head-turner. If you're looking for something fun, flirtatious and flattering all-in-one, this is the suit for you.