Bright, bold and batikful

Yeo Mama Batik
Yeo Mama Batik gives us the best of what happens when traditional styles meet modern convenience. Their colourful patterned designs are super inclusive towards all sorts of body shapes and ages and are sure to liven up your day. The combination of stylish modern cuts with the variety of bold and free-spirited patterns makes a statement that you're creative, confident and ready to own your unique style.

The best thing about this company is the sheer diversity and variety of design and products to browse, which make it inclusive and accessible to all. There are options for women, men and kids - they even have activewear and mask designs if you're looking for something really distinctive from the usual fare. Best of all, they also offer a customisation service: making any of your creative fantasies a reality.
Check out their New In page where there will definitely be something that catches your eye. We're especially loving this coral-coloured maxi dress, which is light, breezy, and absolutely perfect for a Singaporean summer.