Be one with nature

The Halia brand promises to enrich your "mind, body and soul": namely by promoting self-acceptance and mindfulness as well as appreciating and caring for nature. This is one such example of a company whose business practices are helping to revolutionize the fashion world - specifically by making sure that everyone involved in the process of creating these products (whether as creators or customers) are able to derive fulfillment from participating in a system that is ethical and environmentally-conscious.

The product options offered by Halia are made of regenerated nylon which not only is recyclable, but is also buttery-soft, breathable and comfortable, perfect for a feel-good work-out.
This collection of athletic wear makes use of a lot of subtle earth-like colours and tones, which are perfect for pairing with other items, but one set we're really loving right now is the Sherry Airweight Biker Shorts and Isla Bra items which come in a particularly elegant shade of dark red, which is sure to make you feel good in your own skin.